This is NOT a website membership page.

Please be sure node numbers is what you need.

Please do not request service you are not ready to use. It makes more work for the Admins. You can always add them later.


If you are trying to connect to a specific group or HUB that uses the GMRS Live System please reach out to that group BEFORE completing this form.

Please Note: We no longer have a Zello connection to any GMRS Live hosted nodes. If you are trying to access the network with Zello or a IAX program (DVSwitch,Zoiper) for another group or network then you DO NOT need to request node numbers here. Contact the group you wish to access and get direction from them on how to proceed. 

Nodes are computer software linking radios together via the internet. Before requesting node numbers please have a plan in place to use them. To register for Node Numbers complete the following form. You MUST check the box for which service(s) you want. 

DO NOT select VOIP unless you are READY to use it.

Logging is in effect and extensions not used will be closed and VOIP accounts blocked.

Having trouble with this form you can click here to send us a message..  Contact Form