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GMRS Linking


On GMRS Live   It is freedom!


  • Freedom to talk to whom you want to talk.

  • Freedom to move around the network when you want.

  • Freedom to use the equipment you want.

  • Freedom to add features you want.

  • Freedom from passwords and limitations.

     We often hear from people that don’t have Freedom with the group they are on. They are stuck on one group of hubs that are all linked together. No support. People with bad attitudes or foul language. Limits on what equipment they can use or connect. They want somewhere they can enjoy themselves and create their own thing. They usually have some sort of idea how they want to do things and are limited where they are now. Some don’t know what they want and want to learn more. The users on GMRS Live are great. They like to help out and make their network better. Yes, THEIR network. If it wasn’t for the great group of members on GMRS Live there would be no network. Through the Facebook page they answer questions, point new users in the right direction and generally help get things running smooth. It is a group effort that just gets bigger and better with age.

     So if your looking for Freedom or just something different then give us a try. If your already a user then hope you can find what you are looking for. We are updating things on this page and hope to have many more resources available in the near future.

GMRS Live Support Team

On GMRS Live   It is freedom!

Freedom to talk to whom you want, to move around the network when you want, use the equipment you want.

There is no obligation but if you wish to donate to the support of the network..